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An extraordinary fine art and restoration studio full of emotions and
memories where images of the past are masterfully restored and
stories and portraits of loved ones are preserved forever
as archival photographs and original fine art.


Heirloom Art Studio ships original fine art in oil, watercolour and digital artistry, photographic and fine art restoration, and specialty reproduction printing worldwide from their Wears Valley location next to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park of East Tennessee. Owner, Kathryn Rutherford, considers it a privilege and honour to care for and preserve your priceless family collections entrusted to her expert and skilled hands or to turn your photographic images into works of lasting original and creative fine art, archival photography, decorative or funtional merchandise or specialty reproduction and giclee prints.

Kathryn Rutherford, an internationally recognized, award-winning fine artist and conservator, offers you her extensive fine art education and unique talent, Master Level archival preservation skills and historical art and photographic knowledge to fulfill all your original fine art, archival restoration, photographic and fine art reproduction, and art education needs.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee that Kathryn Rutherford Fine Art from Heirloom Art Studio will meet, or exceed, your most heartfelt expectations, the needs of your family history, fine art and photographic collections, creative original fine art desires, and indulge you with superior personal attention and Customer Service.





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