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Our photographic reproduction services are unique because the cost of each Heirloom Quality print INCLUDES specialized copy, correction and printing services. All heirloom quality duplication prints are high quality images produced on archival, fiber base papers that most closely resemble the look and feel of an original vintage photograph.
Each image is individually corrected for maximum range of density and improved colour to deliver the highest representation of the subject matter and image detail.
In addition, a specific amount of restoration is INCLUDED in an Heirloom Quality reproduction print to remove minor flaws and make corrections that are necessary to ensure that the finished product is a top quality reproduction of the original image.
There are only additional charges when the image has extensive damage or creative alterations are needed outside the specifications of what is included in creating a custom print.

Custom Duplication Prints Include Copy Service and Some Restoration
24 x 30-$295....Additional Prints-$195 each
24 x 30-$250...Additional Prints-$150 each
24 x 30-$195....Additional Prints-$115 each
24 x 30-$135......Additional Prints-$80 each
24 x 30-$86........Additional Prints-$52 each
24 x 30-$60........Additional Prints-$36 each
24 x 30-$49........Additional Prints-$29 each




No two photographic restoration orders are alike, therefore, all restoration and reconstruction orders must be quoted on an individual basis. All restoration, whether working on an original photograph or a reproduction, is charged by the number of hours required to complete an order, materials used, PLUS any copy and duplication print charges.
Expect to pay $45.00 to $350.00 for photographic restoration artwork depending upon the severity of visual damage to be repaired or the extent of artwork to be created then, add the cost of reproduction prints as listed either above (Heirloom Quality Duplications) or below (Economy Reproductions).
To obtain a quote, photographs may be submitted in person, via courier, or by sending good quality jpg images via email.
There is NEVER a charge to quote restoration unless the work is an insurance or other such claim.




Heirloom Art Studio provides copy and reproduction services when photographs only need to be photographed, scanned and/or inexpensively reproduced without any additional corrections or restoration. For those occasions we provide individual services and economy priced prints.
Economy prints are still properly balanced for colour and density to create a dynamic reproduction, but no retouching or restoration is done to the final prints.

COPY SERVICE $35.00 Service Only-Negatives and Scans are not sold.
ECONOMY PRINTS- No retouching or restoration Included
24x30 $185
20x24 $125
16x20 $85
11x14 $45
8x10 $25
4x6/5x7 $18
3x5/4x5 $10


SIMULATED TINTYPES (2 7/8" x 4" Printed Aluminum)
Image Reproduced exactly as is-Colour or Black and White $46
Reproduced in Black and White with Historic Tintype Background Added $96



All fine art restoeation is charged by the number of hours and materials used in each project. Costs can only be determined after visually inspecting each work of art in person, but general estimates can be offered after receiving good quality photographic images that allow for a long distance approximation. Please CONTACT the Heirloom Art Studio for further instructions and details.


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